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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Runtime: 122 MINS

When the evil Dr. Robotnik and his sidekick Knuckles make an unexpected visit to Earth on the search for an all-powerful emerald, Sonic joins forces with a new ally named Tails and embarks on a… More Info

Sunday 29 May:

The Bad Guys

Runtime: 100 MINS

When the infamous Bad Guys are finally caught after years of countless heists and being the world’s most-wanted villains, Mr. Wolf brokers a deal (that he has no intention of keeping) to save them all… More Info

Sunday 29 May:

The Bob’s Burgers Movie

Runtime: 102 MINS

The further adventures of hamburger restaurateur Bob Belcher and his quirky family.… More Info

Sunday 29 May:

Top Gun Maverick

Runtime: 130 MINS

Set in the world of drone technology and fifth generation fighters, this sequel will explore the end of the era of dogfighting.… More Info

Sunday 29 May:

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